Sunday, August 24, 2014

Well this is a little creepy

So I'm just toodling along for my morning dog walk, when I turn the corner and see this:

Yes that's right, three old fashioned style dolls, one of them sitting on a tractor in the front yard of a vacant house that's up for sale.

I have never really been okay with these types of dolls, especially the one in a black dress and white bib which looks like the old style of mourning clothes.

I bet that realtor will not be happy pulling into the driveway with prospective buyers and coming across that site.

BTW - it's about 4 days later and they are still on the front lawn. ((shiver))


Alan G said...

I agree, that is a bit creepy. Sure would make a great opening scene for a Stephen King story. Think I would name it "Open House"! :)

Pam@GoRetro said...

OMG that's awful. Tacky doesn't even come close to describing it! Thanks for the comment on my are right, everyone is suddenly into everything, although I suppose it's better to try new hobbies than post to Facebook all day long, like I see with some people! Always love it when you stop by.

Andree Tracey said...

Run run run and don't look back! Very creepy!

Kris said...

Soooo creepy!