Sunday, September 28, 2014

Back Home Again

I just returned from a week long visit in Alberta to see my mom. It was a very special birthday and so I traveled to celebrate it with her. I also wanted to help with some of those things that are hard for a single senior to do - I helped her buy some clothes for winter, bought her a floor lamp so she could read in her favourite chair, took her to Costco, went to the garden centre plus several other locations. I also fixed her computer, helped her with her phone and iPad and did some gardening. All those little jobs that help her out. Instead of taking a cab I was there to drive her around. She said several times how much she'd miss me and the car. Too bad I couldn't hire her a driver like "Driving Miss Daisy".

And now I'm home and life resumes as normal for both of us. Unfortunately for me, I have a lot of housework and office work to catch up on, but I'm that's just how it'll be.

I had the perfect weather while I was there, it even got up over 30 degrees a couple of times, meanwhile back home there was lots of rain. It's nice to escape the rain because that's what happens for most of the days between September and April in Vancouver!

It's a beautiful sunny day here, and Jp surprised me by having window screens installed while I was away. It's so nice this time of year to be able to open a window and let the fresh air in. Yes I did have the windows open without screens but then we had a moth problem that not only threatens our clothes but all the wool this knitter has in the house. And if you recall, I already had one whole skein of baby alpaca destroyed. That's when I became too scared to open the windows. So today, I am enjoying this perfect fall day with a fresh breeze and trying to catch up on a few personal things today before I try to catch up at work the rest of this week.

How have you been?

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