Friday, December 19, 2014

The Death of the Christmas Card.

A couple of months ago Canada Post raised the letter rate to $0.85 ($1 for a single stamp) for domestic letters which caused many people to grumble about mail, and many vowed that they didn't need to send letters anymore. Yes, Canada has one of the most expensive postal systems in the World.

We don't have much family and don't know a lot of people so we often didn't get that many cards - but this year it's really sad. The very first card we received was addressed to "Pizza Lover" and was from our local Panago Pizza. About two weeks later, the second card arrived - from our vet. (Does it all make sense now? )


So Sad.

December 19th and two Christmas cards. Even though I mailed about 15 cards, I didn't get any back. It almost feels like Valentine's Day in elementary school (before they started to dictate that every kid must receive a card).

 I thought maybe they'd become a status symbol -you know,  because the cards cost money and the stamps were expensive only those with money could afford to send them, then they'd become trendy again. No?

I guess not - or not yet.

What's your Christmas Card inventory? Is this a trend everywhere, or is it just me?


Alan G said...

My Christmas card inventory is pathetic to say the least. I have received 1 card and 2 of those Christmas letters some people send out telling their friends all about their past year.

Way Out Wear said...

Oh sorry to hear that. I miss when everyone sent out cards and when people put some thought into it, and picked out cards representing their (or your ) personality.
Kinda glad I am not the only one with a pathetic collection.

Merry. Christmas to you!!!!

Kris said...

Interesting! This year we got more cards than ever before- at least 15 or so. Many were mailed to us, but we also received quite a few in person from our friends in town. This was also the first year that I made an effort to mail out a bunch of cards to family. That being said, I do think that many people are just sticking to email and facebook greetings.

Way Out Wear said...

Oh that is interesting Kris - I did receive about 4 in person, after I posted this message - that's true.

Yes I think Facebook or other messages are more common now as well