Monday, January 26, 2015

Blogging vs Facebook?

Many days I have come to this blog, started to write a post and then deleted it - either because I didn't have time to finish it or I didn't think that you'd want to read what I was writing.

I'm sure this has happened to many others, but since I joined Facebook, and 'liked' several craft pages and several bloggers, I get all my updates through there, and so I just don't visit my blog any much as I should. And I'm not visiting others blogs either - which is a real shame as you're all taking the time to thoughtfully choose your words and post interesting content.

Are you finding a decrease in traffic too? Are you on Facebook and have you moved away from your blog? I'm struggling with the answers to these questions. But then every now and again, Facebook makes an announcement about how it's showing the posts of organized posters (i.e. not individuals) and business accounts, and I've heard some people/groups/companies say they were leaving Facebook because they refused to pay the fees.

Just the other day, one person wrote that they had over 2,000 followers yet only  their reach was only 60+ people. That's a pretty low return. Of course, Facebook tells them they can get more followers if they pay. And that's where many people are resisting.

So my question is this - do you also have a Facebook account? Do you feel you've left your blog for Facebook? Or are you leaving Facebook for your blog?


Alan G said...

I have taken the opposite path for myself. I had a Facebook account for several years, de-activating it a number of times during that time and then finally last month I had the account "DELETED" which you can now do.

With a couple of exceptions none of my 'Facebook friends' visited my blog ever, even though I would from time to time reference a recent post. But being 73 years old my younger relatives and friends don't seem all that interested in opinions and stories offered up by the elderly. And I am apparently not anyone's favorite uncle.

So... I continue life as always posting on my blog as thoughts come and I really like my blog. For me it is a much more personal place and when someone visits, you know they made an effort to do so!

Way Out Wear said...

Alan, so sorry for my late reply. I really like your comments and agree, I should return to posting on my blog as Facebook isn't the place to say what I want to say. I appreciate that you took the time to write such a good comment.

Andree Tracey said...

I totally understand your dilemma about blogging and Facebook. I love blogging, but lately it seems like I have so little time, I'm forced to choose between making art and writing about the experience of making art. Of course I choose the former, and my blog is being neglected. (Thank you for visiting!)

I like your blog because you have some very thoughtful posts, and I hope you continue!