Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Blogaversary - 9 years!

Today is my 9 year blogaversary. I just can't believe I have been writing for so many years. In the past I've written about all the things that have changed since I've started but since I've done that a couple of times, I thought I'd try something else.

This one is hard for me, but I'll see if I can go it - 9 THINGS YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT ME:

1) When I was a small child, I was convinced I had been reincarnated from a dog
2) I didn't go to kindergarten - I went to daycare from age 3 to 6 instead
3) I've only lived without a dog for about 3 years in my twenties when I lived on my own in apartments
4) My family isn't into sports, but I was. I put myself on the track team (high jump and 4x100 relay) when I was in elementary school, as well as track and the tennis team in high school. I also played field hockey in grades 9 & 10.
5) I seem to have an amazing memory for songs and lyrics. Unfortunately I have a terrible singing voice.
6) I am learning to speak Dutch for my trip to the Netherlands with my mom this year.
7) When I was 15 I entered a hand-sewn quilt in the Vancouver -Pacific National Exhibition (which used to have a cooking, baking and arts/crafts section for judging like a traditional farm fair) - I won a ribbon
8) I used to ride a motorcycle
9) I prefer driving a standard transmission car

whoops! there's the list! That wasn't as bad as I thought! Did you find it interesting?

Happy Blogaversary to me and Way Out Wear!!!


Alan G said...

Happy Blogaversary...

Nine years is a long time in the blog business. I've blogged about that long but its been an off and on run. Even changed blogs a few times. But in the end I do enjoy it for the most part.

PS... I like standard transmissions also.

Rick Watson said...

Happy anniversary.
I prefer a stick shift too. My truck is a 5 speed.

tousled day said...

O my dear, happy blogo-birthday
I have to say that you are one interesting person. Wishing you many, many more years online
hug hug

Way Out Wear said...

Thank you all for your comments and well wishes! Very much appreciated!!!