Sunday, March 29, 2015

The ups and downs of a dance student

When my dance instructor announced that she was putting on a show and then told us that we would be in five numbers- I panicked. I go to dance glass for the fun of it, I have huge stage fright and don't want to perform. She told us that we would have to have more rehearsals including several hours on Sunday's as well. I think I felt overwhelmed and an a bit resentful of the demands on my time and money.

I started to dread the whole thing. In fact, after feeling like this for about two weeks. I told my dance sisters that I was going to quit dancing after the show. They were shocked. It felt so huge, like I had so much that needed to spill out of me. 

Then about two weeks ago my instructor talked to me about it. I told her that I had a lot to say about it and I couldn't say it all in the 15 minutes before class, but we did discuss it a bit. Then she had a talk with the whole group and told us that we didn't have to feel obligated to all of it. She told us how when she first started, her first dance instructor put her in 14 pieces!! Yes fourteen!! She understood. She wanted to give us an opportunity to perform if we wanted to. But we could opt out. 

Then just like the clouds parting to allow the sun to dry up the rain, I suddenly felt better too.  In fact, a couple of weeks later, I signed up for the next session of classes (and even ADDEDa class), bought my costume for the show, and have decided to do at least two pieces. One of my dance sisters and I are talking about doing our own duet after the show - so we can perform in September. 

Funny how a little pressure and a conversation or two can change everything. 


Kris said...

Wow, good for you for sticking with it. Hopefully it will get easier to perform the more you do it!

Way Out Wear said...

Thanks Kris, yes I hope so too. I have never been on a stage before, so that is also intimidating. I am concentrating on just learning the piece as best I can and figure out the rest later