Friday, March 06, 2015

What's the stupidest thing you ever believed?

When I was a little girl, I looked up to my brother Mark, very much. I adored him and I followed him everywhere I could. Mark was a naughty boy with a sometimes crooked and wry smile - sometimes getting bored with life and testing people to see how they reacted.

I was an easy target for him because I was three years younger than him. But for many years I trusted him wholly. Yes, he got me to lick a 9-volt battery and be his little errand girl.  But he didn't always use his power for evil and not good - once when I wanted to run away from home he convinced me -by knowing my weakness (my fear the Police)- not to do it.  He told me that it was illegal to run away from home and I would be arrested when they found me. I did not want anything to do with the Police so I reluctantly came back home. This all happened one afternoon and I didn't get farther than a few feet on the other side of our fence, I doubt my parents even knew about it.

But the stupidest thing I even believed was when he told me that if I touched both prongs of the plug when putting it into the wall socket, I could jump the length of the pool table. Why golly that pool table was like six feet!! I could jump six feeeeeetttt?? That's crazy, right?

But I did it. I willingly stuck my fingers on the plug and stuck it in the wall.

I jumped. But not the length of the pool table.

I didn't believe him so easily after that.

What's the stupidest thing you ever believed?


Alan G said...

I actually don't recall at the moment any really ridiculous thing I was convinced was the truth but I have never forgotten what an acquaintance of the family believed. She believed that hummingbirds, due to their small size, actually migrated to the south in the fall on the backs of Canada Geese. I tried to seriously convince her otherwise and she actually got very angry and insulted that we were not believing her. I have never forgotten that.

Way Out Wear said...

I've heard that one too - I didn't think any one would believe it. LOL

You're lucky you were never fooled as a kid. I guess I was just too gullible and trusting, especially with my brother, whom I adored