Saturday, April 18, 2015


I got about a block away from home this morning and I was letting Eco sniff for her daily pee-mail when I went to put my hand in my pocket of my yoga pants when I realized I had them inside out. I returned home to change them. Already super embarrassed, I decided to now walk a different direction and go through the school yard when I see a tool bag. Since most of the stolen stuff on our street ends up there, I decided to take it home to see if I could find a neighbour who was missing tools. I noticed a van door slightly open on the house next to the school.    Fast-forward  so the story isn't too long-I end up giving the tool bag back to that neighbour whose van was indeed broken into. I realized later that if my stupid pants hadn't been inside out, that neighbour might not have gotten his tool bag back- interesting run of events, isn't it? 

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