Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Remembrance Day

This past spring I went with my mom as she returned for the first time to the Netherlands since she left in 1957.

She was supposed to go to the 70th Anniversary celebrations in Wageningen but was too ill to go. I went for for her and took many pictures and video so she could watch vicariously through me.

The love the Dutch have for Canadians to this day is overwhelming. I have to say I have never felt prouder to be Canadian than I was on May 5, 2015 in Wageningen, Holland.

The soldiers in the parade and the spectators  came from all over Canada, the US and throughout Europe were happy to participate and to feel the love and appreciation of the crowds. This remembrance day I will remember all the soldiers and their families of WWII and all the wars before and after, those brave souls who gave up so much for our Freedom. Thank you. And I do remember.

The first photo is the church where the papers to end the war was signed with the Germans. The second is just one of so many proud Canadian moments of the celebrations.

This is not my video, I found it on a google search, but it is a good representation:

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