Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Banners and Balls

I finished the bead and sequin banner for my brother today. On the weekend I had knitted a ball for my mom; she said she wanted one. I also decided to crochet one; I didn't use a pattern, just the force, Luke. I crocheted and added or deleted just by feel. Both are kinda lumpy so I guess you have to stuff the dickens out of them. I learned a lesson the other day and that is to stuff and stuff and stuff until you can't fit anymore! I am an understuffer.

So I'll get these items off in the mail and start another project. Hmm, what could it be.

Oh, today I also made a little bunny out of a Styrofoam egg and some felt. I used felt pen for eyes, it needs beaded pins instead. Once the glue dries better, I'll be able to fix it up.

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