Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I'm back

I had a bit of a rough day yesterday, thanks to Microsoft's lousy patch, my computer had issues. Thanks Microsoft for stealing a day from me, as I fully backed up my computer and prepared for a full hard drive reset. Thank you to my brilliant brother (he really is a genius) who spotted notice of the foul patch and stopped me before I wiped my hard drive clean, and thank god I procrastinated on this one!

I haven't worked on my mom's dog sweater since I've been back because the weather has been so good. I have 1/2 of one sleeve and a 1" border on the bottom to do. I'll finish it tonight and then package it all together with her mother's day gifts.

We had super good weather for 4 days but now we're back to cloud and threatening rain. Sometimes in the summer I look forward for the rainy days because I can do crafts with less guilt.

On Monday I only did obvious weeding, which was basically just pulling just dandelions. I didn't even get dirty! Yesterday, I planted some more seeds. So sad I fried the tomatoes and mums. Something's in my greenhouse eating my seedlings - ants or earwigs, I am not sure which but the has begun!

Monday I cooked some Maui Beef Ribs and yesterday we had marinated Big Boy Pork Chops - JP loved them both and asked my to make them again. Tonight are chicken pop-ups, that's a chicken breast filled with stuffing wrapped in bacon. Can I go 3 for 3?

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