Monday, April 24, 2006

A trip to the Big Smoke

I'm back from Toronto and glad to be home. I went there for work and traveled with 3 other employees. It's interesting that I'm always the only woman at these meetings. But all went well and a good time was had (as far as work goes). The boys went a bit crazy with the alcohol, but I didn't; I hate that tired and hung-over feeling, who needs it?

The weather there was beautiful but our weekend turned out to be great as well. It's been sunny and getting warmer each day. Today it's supposed to be 22 degrees C! Yeah. The bad news.... I went shopping yesterday and didn't open my greenhouse door, and some of my seedlings fried! Damn, I gotta start all over again, I doubt they'll be able to recover. I have other seeds so I'll just keep trying. And I'll be home now for another month so that will be fine.

Maxx was really lonely. Did a strange howl when I got home. Jazz was so awesome at the vet's kennel that they even reduced the price. And she's so lovely, the happiest dog I've ever met plus she helps Maxx figure out what he's supposed to do (like eat). On Saturday she went flying across the yard to chase a squirrel and hurt her leg. It's not swollen or broken, just strained. When I walked her on Sunday night she forgot to limp!

I had finished one sleeve of the dog sweater for my mom's schnauzer before I left and am itching to work on the other, but with the weather being so good, I think I'll have to be on my hands and knees weeding for a few more days. Just mowing the lawn makes all the difference thought, doesn't it? I do have to pull out 100 dandelions before they all go to seed and make more.

Spring is here and it feels good. Time to switch around my closet to bring the spring summer clothes and shoes to the front and send those dark woollies to the back! It's all good!

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