Wednesday, April 05, 2006

This and that

Well I've been busy working on a large project, a counted cross stitch that has taken me a long time - for numerous excuses. Then on the weekend, I went to the fabric store and bought material for 2 spring skirts. I set up my sewing machine, but first I had to go through the pile of past projects. Yuck. I can sew but I just don't like it as much as other crafts.

Then, we got a break in the weather, so yesterday I planted all the types of seeds I hd in my stash and put the little pots in my little greenhouse and I mowed the lawn. Now I just need to wait for a few days until those little ones sprout. Mowing was a bit of a chore, our lawnmower's pretty sad - our ground requires that we really should have a 4x4 lawn mower! We have a wobbly wheel and that doesn't make the job easier. It was rather tough going and I still have a sore back because of it. But I didn't prep the lawnmower before winter and all I did was add some gas and she started! I'm so happy. I'll have to get that wheel fixed and sharpen that blade. I did some cleaning of the beds, but I didn't get time to start the hard core weeding and preparation that is also deperately needed. I'll be back out in the garden tonight, crafting and sewing will have to be put on hold.

** Newsflash - This is you you prevent the bird flu:

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