Sunday, May 07, 2006

Rasp - berry!

Well it turned into a rainy weekend, so after completing my last project, I went stash diving and found 5 balls of yarn my mom had passed to me. I end up doing things backwards. I take the yarn someone gave to me, then look at the colour and quantity and see what I can make with it. Then I page through all my patterns and books (again) and find out what I have a pattern for and whatwould be suitable to make. In this case I found a pattern for a throw which was pink with a grey border, so I decided to make that pattern. It'll be for my mom. Here's a sample of one of the raspberry coloured crocheted squares. I'll make as many as the yarn allows and then decide to either make it smaller or add contrasting colours of squares. The border will either be grey or cream, I haven't decided yet.

We went out for dinner last night and amongst the conversation, for fun, JP dropped a yarn joke - one about frogging. No one really got it, but I thought it was cute. He probably wanted to see who noticed, or who would know. Whether he wants to or not, he's being absorbed in the yarn world. Dinner was a family affair with one sibling's family sitting in the middle, we were at the end of one long table. At first it felt like we could just sneak out and no one would notice, but then the family in the middle left, somehow it became much more enjoyable. They probably said that things went downhill when we arrived! Funny little world we live in!

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