Tuesday, May 09, 2006

You Pansy!

Last year I planted some pansies, and they decided they liked me so much they returned this year! And they are all very healthy too! I'm super happy because once or twice before pansies in that very same spot withered away from me.
We're finally getting some nice weather, but it's cold. Brrr. It's almost like "what's the point of having clear skies and sun shine when it's only 18 degrees C?" Of course depending where you live, you're probably shaking your head at me and saying to your screen that I'm very lucky and should be quiet! Ok! I get the hint.

I ran out of yarn for my mom's raspberry lap throw. I've started with some cream. I wonder how far I'll get with that. Watch me be one square short again. Now it will have an alternating pattern. I've had to use a 7mm hook to get close to the same gauge so it's a bit "lacy" shall we say. Hmm, this might just end up a 3 colour "throw" the size of the floor!

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