Thursday, June 15, 2006

JP's Big Birthday

Well I think JP had a pretty good birthday. I gave him on iPod (with the video screen) and the painting. We both took the day off to make it more fun. We went to Nick's on Commercial for lunch and both rolled out of there. I don't know why I decided to eat all that pasta in one sitting, I'm sure I could've had it wrapped up for later, but no, I had to be a piggy. Then later we went and found an aluminum case for the iPod and a car kit so he could drive and around and listen to all his Johnny. We picked up his son and went to Moxie's (a nice one) for dessert. More food? Yes we did! Needless to say by the time we got home, we wanted nothing to do with food. JP loaded about 300 songs from his CDs onto the unit and that was a fine night.

Tonight we'll be having some scrumptious 16 oz steak that my brother couriered! Can you believe it? Like VIPs, we had steak couriered. Seasoned just for us, good ol' Alberta Beef. Yumm. JP's birthdays always include lots of good eating. Thank goodness it's in June and far away from Christmas to give me time to work it off. Although, maybe because I had a big lunch and not a dinner, I actually lost 1 pound since yesterday! I know, tomorrow 2 will have found their way back to me.

I'm really tired after a super busy day at work, I think it's time to watch TV and knit. I don't have energy for much else.

We bought this meat rug at Funhauser:

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