Thursday, June 01, 2006

June already?

I took an extended weekend and traveled with my brother to visit my mom and other brother in Southern Alberta. We celebrated my mom's 50th anniversary in Canada. It was good to connect and hear stories and find out so many things that we do similarly. I was itching to knit or crochet while I was there. I should have brought my hooks with me. My mom did give me some yarn and let me pick through her shelf of craft books - she let me take about 30! Score! Wow, now I have more projects than days in my life! And of course, I cruise through a book store or a catalogue and see more craft books I want to buy! What an addict.
I think I'll need to try a year of craft supply abstinence and not buy any craft supplies - other than minor items needed to finish projects. Do you think that would work?
I did take photos while I was away but with my film camera and haven't developed anything yet.
I came home, did the laundry and mowed the lawn. Yesterday I put some mulch around my strawberries - which should keep the weeds down, plus it's easier to see the plants now. I have much more gardening to do, but all in good time.
I did bring back a sweater my mom started, which I promised I'll finish for her. I haven't knitted a whole sweater in a long time. And this one has fairly fine yarn and smaller needles so it could be a summer project. It's in cotton which I haven't knitted before (can you believe it?) and I find it's slippery so I have to add an extra loop around my fingers to keep the tension. I like the challenge of the project, so that's a great motivation.

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