Thursday, June 22, 2006

Meet Mei Joon

Yesterday, even though it was sunny in most of the Vancouver area, it was not over at my house. In fact for the past several days it's been very dark and gloomy here, and not that way elsewhere. I must move soon!

Anyway, I had a complete energy melt down and even ended up taking a nap in the afternoon!
I did, however, find the time (and energy) to make this little Amigurumi girl, whom I have named Mei Joon. Since she was born on the first day of summer, I thought the name was perfect. (get it? Mei Joon = May June).
I was not happy with the yarn used on her body, so I'm going to sew an "M" onto her shirt to cover up the yarn. Although I hated making the arms and the legs, I enjoyed the challenge making the rest of her body and can't wait to make another one. The pattern is in this month's issue of Bust Magazine.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I don't know you, but I did a search for the Bust amigurumi doll pattern online and found that you did the project too. I started mine last year (I'm a procrastinator!) and decided to pick it up again today, when I realized my issue w/ the pattern in it is missing. Do you still have the pattern? If so, can you email it to