Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Swag in da house!

Look at what the mailman delivered! Big Girl Feet had a blog-a-versary contest and I won a big surpirse package. Look at all the incredible stuff she sent - an original and beautiful card, a small bag made from fabric she printed with her own design, a purse-sized tissue cover in beautiful fabric, a lovely note and candies. Oh how sweet. It's all so beautiful. Even the tape she used to wrap up the package and her mailing label are unique and creative. That girl is going to go very far, she is so very talented.

Today is definitely my lucky day. Thank you Cynthia!


big_girlfeet said...

yay! i'm so glad you like it!! and thank you for such kind words and for reading my blog and all of your support!! :)

Underthere said...

What a lucky girl! You are a fun one to give gifts to since you notice and appreciate even the littlest details. Big Girl Feet is very clever to give out such a lovely prize.