Monday, July 03, 2006

Canada Day Long Weekend

Phew! It was a fairly busy long weekend. Here's what I did:
- weeded several gardens
- mixed up new dirt from compost, peat moss and sand
- transplanted the zucchini and pole beans
- made a teepee for the pole beans with a decorative top
- painted one shelf
- stained and varnished one shelf
- stained and varnished a peg 'shelf'
- fixed and varnished the 'castle' birdhouse
- painted another bird house
- spray painted a wicker flower with yellow petals, green stem and leaves and a white centre
- sprayed 'Weed and Feed" on the front lawn
- chopped up the branches we pruned off two weeks ago
- fixed the roof of the pergola
... oh I'm sure I could think of little niggly things, but I'll stop right there.

On Sunday we went to my friend's BBQ and I gave them the little baby hat and booties as she's due in 6 weeks and gave their little girl the monkey. I think she was happy to receive it. It was a pretty overwheming day with that many people for a two year old.

While we were saying our goodbye's at the barbecue, an old ex-friend (long story) came up to talk to me. He was quite happy and rambling on about a mutual friend who just missed us but was coming back and then he said " So when did you...." and someone called him away and then
we left. So my mind had fun with what the end of the sentence could be: cut your hair/grow your hair/change jobs/get fat/become bitchy/become nice/drive a Volkswagen... a whole plethora of possible endings running a full range of feelings and opinions ran through my mind. Well I had fun with it, but I'll never know what he was going to say.

Back to my desk, the bigger celadon monkey seems to really miss the little monkey, in fact, it's arm is still out like it was holding it. Maybe I'll have to make another. Of course when my mom comes on the 19th and picks up her celadon coloured monkey, then the one I am yet to make will need a partner and I'll be making monkeys until the end of time.

Happy Canada Day. Thanks for the day off work!

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