Thursday, July 06, 2006


Well after having about 2 weeks of beautiful sunny weather, we're back to grey skies. It hardly feels like I had a chance to enjoy those days at all, they went so fast. Today I'll run down to the grocery store and then mow the lawn. I had been holding off on that chore because it was soooooo hot. Besides it seems that the grass doesn't really grow that much when it's that hot.

Once those two things are done I guess I'll get back to knitting the piano sweater. My sister-in-law's mum is giving me a garbage bag full of yarns and my mum will be bringing it with her (or as much as she can carry) when she comes to visit in less than two weeks. So I'd better get working so I have room to keep all this stuff!

I went to order some perfect-for-organizing shelves from Ikea. I even spent 2-3 nights when I was trying to fall asleep thinking about moving stuff around and how I'd organize everything. So I order on-line. First they tell me they don't deliver to my area and I'd have to pick it up from a depot. I tell them I can't pick it up, that's why I'm ordering it. They tell me they'll call me back with a new delivery price. So they call a couple of days later and say it'll be $200+ for delivery! The store is an hour from me! I go back to the website and it says they have a flat rate delivery to my city for $79! Grrr, back to square one. I haven't ordered them again.... but I'd sure like to have them to organize my office/craft/storage room, especially before mum gets here!

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big_girlfeet said...

Hi!! thank you so much for the super cute card and "drink"! what a thoughtful and cool thing to do!! i just love it!
and thank you for your wonderful comments- i really appreciate all of your support and kindness!
hope you have a great weekend and many thanks again- you so rock!!