Sunday, July 23, 2006

It's ma birthday!

Hello! I haven't been here because my mom's been in town and I've been driving around showing her the sights. Too bad she doesn't do well in the heat and we've had a heat wave, sometimes getting to 37degrees Celsius! Plus my car doesn't have air conditioning. Today I'm up early, watering the garden and I'm going to walk my dogs although the humidity is at 88% at the moment!

So far JP has given me a iPod Nano, my mom gave me some gorgeous shoes and my aunt gave me a lovely collection of seashells to go with a large candle and plate. That's all I know for now.

While I was out with my mum yesterday, Jp baked me a lovely angel food cake with yummy icing. It is one of the few cakes he's made (I think) and I appreciate that so very much! He even had silver candles and sparklers! Way to go!

Dinner tonight at Nick's on Commercial Drive. YUMM!

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big_girlfeet said...

happy happy birthday!! hope you have a wonderful day!!