Monday, July 24, 2006

Birthday Update

Well yesterday, it turned out to be 37 degrees C where I live. So since it takes an hour and a half to get to Nick's on Commercial Drive in Vancouver and my mom is visiting and can't take the heat at all.... we postponed the dinner there and went to a butcher instead to pick up some pre-marinated steaks. I grillled some zucchini, whole mushrooms and rib eyes. We had creamy coleslaw and some potato salad. Voila! Everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Last year when my mom was visiting, she bought me a metal ornament which was a garden angel. Through the year the top layer of decorative paint had come off; she had no flowers on her dress anymore and only 1 eye! So while we were sitting outside in the afternoon, my mom repainted my angel for me. My mom is a very talented painter, so I was glad I asked her. She used a collection of older enamels and had to work with my limited supply of brushes. That must be hard for an artist - to work with someone else's supplies. I like how she's tanned; she should be, she's outside all the time! And green eyes seem perfect for a garden angel too.

Present update: JP also gave me a cute purse/makeup bag and a business card holder (don't forget the iPod Nano and Otter waterproof case). I also received a gift certificate for a spa from 2 guys I work with plus my generous brother said I could buy a Broil King BBQ (I've already printed the list of dealers so I can look around for the one we want!) My mom gave me the gorgeous pumps.

And my lilies opened up in time for my birthday - thank you Mother Nature.

Oh yes....Thank you Cynthia for the lovely birthday wishes, how nice of you! Aren't July birthdays the best?

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big_girlfeet said...

you're so welcome!! and yay for july bdays!!