Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Long Weekend Update

Yesterday, we walked Commercial Drive and had dinner at Nick's- it was yummy as usual. Jim Pattison had dinner while we were there. I didn't talk to him. I had a white shirt on and the waitress asked if I wanted a bib. I've never spilled on myself as an adult and couldn't bear the thought of wearing a bib, so I said 'no thank you' She gave me the 'I told you so look'. Shortly after spaghetti sauce landed on my shirt. The waitress brought a Tide-to-Go pen and JP got me a bib. I tried to clean my top but it wasn't really coming out. I tried to eat with the bib but that was difficult too. Then suddenly some spaghetti sauce was launched into space - I saw it fly! and it went up and over my bib and landed on my shirt anyway. That was it. I quite eating.I tried more of the Tide-to-Go pen but there was still stuff on my shirt. I went to the tiny bathroom and took my shirt off risking someone else coming in and others seeing me in my bra at the sink, which is right next to the door..... and tried to wash my top. I left the bathroom with a partially wet, stained shirt, with my purse strap covering the offending area.... sigh. Next time I shall wear red - or black!

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