Saturday, August 05, 2006

Yesterday I picked up a knitting magazine because it had a pattern for a throw with a doggie theme. I liked it for that reason, but more because I could use bits and pieces of yarns that I've accumulated. But yesterday I found some great yarn that would be perfect for the background of several of the blocks - and so now I am buying things just for the project - oops! that wasn't supposed to happen.... I've got to get the sweater for my mum finished before it gets cold, but I like working on little projects I alternate. Alternate between work(paid) , housework, yardwork, doggie duties, man and child duties and then what I want. Not really alternating is it? Why do women do that to themselves?

Check out my loverly lilies:

(I'll have to lighten that photo up....)

Well it's a long weekend here and it's wonderful weather too - so I'm off to play in the yard and the sunshine - and do nothing for the day. For me! Of course as I go, I pull a weed here, and sweep a floor there, and straighten that pillow..... it's never ending. I wish I still lived with my parents sometimes. Their house was always neat and tidy and clean and someone else worried about the bills and the maintenance and the grocery lists.

Before I go, yesterday a courier arrived for me and it was from a girl who works at a company my company works with - like a subcontractor for my employer. I've never met her in person but we have fun emails and phone calls - maybe too much information for a work relationship (that's what JP tells me). Anyway, yesterday I received this package:

Two CDs, a glass ladybug that sits on the edge of your glass and a packet of tea. For no reason she said.... just because. Isn't that sweet? What do you make of it? Men are always more suspicious than women, maybe for the right reasons though.

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big_girlfeet said...

aw that's so cute!! i have a couple of e-friends like that, one in montreal and one here. norm calls them my "stalker girlfriends". never met them in person but it's all in fun!! and makes for an entertaining day at work! :)