Monday, August 28, 2006

A Sweater and a Spoon

I finished another little bear sweater - see below for the story . I've packaged them all up and am putting them in today's mail. It's definitely the best one as the little details were worked out. I'll see how they fit before I send more. And I'll wait to see what ideas my brother comes up with - he's super creative.

This is the November sweater, it's in olive green with a poppy on the front. But I suppose the poppy could just be an artsy blob and the bear can wear it all year round. The poppy is knitted in to the sweater, not embroidered on top. I wanted to do an Army bear but I could not put the adornments together fast enough. Also, I want to make a really girly sweater. But first I'm mailing them to him .

Also, a girl who works for one of our sub- contractor sent me a treat today in the mail - it's a kiwi spoon, how cool is that? To eat Kiwi fruit. This summer the buzz is all about the yellow kiwi. It has been described to me as 'tropical tasting'. It also has a smooth skin.

Interesting how EVERYTHING must be updated and hyper-marketed, including fresh produce.

And that we need a special tool to go with everything.

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