Saturday, August 26, 2006

Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin...Sweater

My s-i-l has a bear that came with 12 sweaters for the year; my brilliant, creative brother thought it would be good fun to add a few to the wardrobe and surprise her with the additions. While she was out of town, he snuck one in the mail to me for sizing. His first idea was a Charlie Brown sweater. Below are my first efforts. The green one with the apple (for August) on it is the original (of course):
I decided to make him a Halloween one too - so now the bear can look like a pumpkin. I'm just using yarn I have in my stash so they are varying a bit from one to another, at least a stuffed teddy won't have major issues with sizing. I have some other ideas and I'm sure he does too, but first I'll send these back and see what he thinks and how they fit, and then we'll go from there. Any suggestions?

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