Friday, September 29, 2006

Is it Friday already?

OMG- thank goodness Friday is here! I've had a rough week - sleep wise. My neck has been killing me. I keep buying new pillows but it doesn't seem to help. Last night I couldn't even lie on it. I had to sit up and read until the Tylenol kicked in!

Well I know I'm supposed to be working on the sweater, but I picked up a crochet magazine yesterday and decided to make a felted bowl. I've been wanted to felt something for a long time. I wanted a small quickie project to satisfy my curiousity. So this is what I'm making:

First you crochet the whole thing and then since it's made out of wool, you put it in your washing machine with hot water and lots of agitation until it shrinks and shrinks and shrinks. It has to be a bit big when you start because of the shrinking. When I started it last night I thought it was a one night thing, but I only completed the bottom before my hands hurt and it was bedtime.

Maxx gets his stitches out today. He's done super well, but I'll still be glad when it's all completely healed and I don't have to panic and worry about his chest and tummy everytime he sprints across the yard or when Jazz wants to play fight.

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