Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday already? October already?

Well by this morning the feeling has finally come back in my ring finger, thank god. I'll have to figure out if I can crochet holding the hook differently or if I need a pad on the hook or my finger to protect that nerve. (Edit: I was SURE I had posted on Saturday, but it's not here.... to update, after crocheting for 3 hours on Friday, the tip of my right hand ring finger was numb. And stayed numb all weekend. I was ready to go to the doctor on Monday)

I completed about 15 rows on the piano sweater and felted the bowl. I ran that bowl through three cycles of boiling hot water. I added jeans and stuff for agitation, this was the most I could get it to felt - you're supposed to have the stitches disappear. I must have bought the wrong kind of wool.

That's all the crafty things I completed. Over the weekend, I washed and folded all the laundry, and mowed the lawn. And did all the cooking. JP cut down my grotty old apple tree - poor thing was not well and probably pretty old. All the apples had blight-despite my attempts to prevent it, the stem was rough and open and it had a 50 degree lean to it. I hate cutting it down, but it was the best for it. Especially since all but about 15 apples had to be composted.

We went to Tony Roma's for ribs on Saturday night. I had a really good salad: greens, thin sliced apple, crumbled bleu cheese, cashews with a raspberry vinaigrette. Yum. JP's ribs weren't that good he said. All the other food was pretty good. It was nice to get out on a Saturday night. Okay it was nice to get out, period.

Before dinner, we went to the thrift store - I found this little cast iron bank. The coin goes in the cannon and shoots it into an opening in the wall (I drew a line to show you...)

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