Friday, September 08, 2006

Okay, like many others, I don't like crocs footwear either, and I don't like most of their styles, however, they've now come up with the ballet-inspired prima . I still don't think I'd wear them, but at least these are much more attractive than the other styles.

On a recent shopping excursion, JP came home with two key chains for me. The first is a little character I have seen and know he has a name, but haven't found him yet:

Do you know his name?

And the second one, if I showed this one to my mum, she'd probably say that the little girl looks like I did when I was little (but she'd never dress me in yellow and red at the same time):

He seems to really dig key chains. I have always been one to have just the essentials on my key ring - and I still never loose them! I'll have to make these zipper pulls then.

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