Thursday, September 07, 2006

So Long, Mate

By now everyone's surely aware of the untimely death of Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter. I find it interesting that his sad news seems to have struck people more than other TV personalities. Was it his charisma? The fact that he seemed so full of life? The passion he showed for his work (conservation & education), or his love of the animals? Reports now and before stated that Steve was always kind and gracious to everyone he worked with, from the cameraman to the caterer. That he treated his wife and childrens well. That he loved and adored his parents.

Perhaps it's the irony of his death? That all the poisonous snakes and powerful crocs he came in contact with didn't prevent him from his life goals but a stingray that is usually considered docile sealed his fate.

Farewell Steve.

Here's our collection of little Steve dolls, I mean action figures, complete with sound chips so we can forever hear him say "Crikey", "What a ripper!" and "Isn't she just darling?" :


Anonymous said...

I believe you hit it on the head when you commented on his passion and energy. People really respond to that. Sincere interest or excitement creates an energy that others share. It is the warm ray of sun.



My Little Corner said...

Thanks UnderThere - I understand that's what people loved about your TV spots. You had all that energy and they loved you for it!