Monday, September 18, 2006

Sunday we did some thrifting, in Maple Ridge, Burquitlam and Coquitlam. JP found a wonderful wool sweater for me and he found an oil popcorn popper which he tried almost immediately after we got home. The popcorn was absolutely yummy and I can't wait to wear the new wool sweater, but I'll take 3 days just to dry, especially now that it's raining and so humid (49%)

Knitting: I was doing great on the plain black back of my mum's piano sweater when two things happened: 1) I came to the end of my skein and had to tie a knot for the new yarn and 2) I had the thought that things were going well. I even looked at the rows to see how good it was. I don't know why I do that. The moment I think things are going well and are mistake free, BOOM! I think God (or the cosmos, or my brain) must remind me that I am a fallible human being. I had to pull out 4 rows which was painful. Then I had to purl one whole row just to staighten and pick up everything, but there's still a glitch so now I'm tinking, because frogging is so tough for me to put the stitching back on the needle. I think I'll have to tink 2 rows. And of course I work today, so I have to put it down so I can get to business.

It's a rainy Monday, which always makes it busy for me at work. And lucky JP gets the next two days off. He already feel asleep before me, and is still sleeping while I go to work.

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