Sunday, September 17, 2006

Saturday's Chores

Well, we bagged the box with the wasps and sealed it shut. JP hung up a new 'floating' gate latch and installed a new motion-sensor yard light for the back yard. Oh it's so nice to have the light out there. And it lights up the yard so well, I had forgotten. I think it's been about 2 months since the old one died. Since then I'd been using a string of Christmas lights that go to and wrap around the pergola but they don't provide much light.

I finished all the laundry and even started on a new project that needs to be mailed by next week. I think I can do it in a week - which is why I've procrastinated until now.

Once that is done, I'll go back to my mom's sweater and then I must concentrate on it to get it finished.

JP brought home 2 magazines for me on Friday, Marie Claire and a Bust. Sadly he had already bought me the Bust magazine when it came out late July. Oh poor guy! Nice try though, it's the thought that counts, right?

My wasp bite is still there and itchy, looks like a bruise but getting better. Nothing to show you a picture of until some parcels arrive.

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