Monday, October 30, 2006

Brotherly Love Hat # 2

So the brown and blue hat didn't fit my brother too well, poor guy, he looks like he had to squish into it. So I set about making a replacement. This one is from a chunky black yarn - a mystery skein from my stash. I knit it on 5.5mm dpns in an alternating rib and cable, and tried to give it a flat top because he didn't like the pointy one. I'll get it into the mail today (or tomorrow). It's got an extra long ribbed section sho he can pull that part over his ears instead. What do you think?

Yesterday, we went to the store and I'm glad we went in JPs car because on the way it started to downpour and we even had snow in the rain! There was so much water coming down and on the roads. My car is getting close to needing brakes and tires and don't think it would have done as well, I'm so glad he drove.

Then, on the way home the skies opened up and it was blue, blue skies! This morning it's a gorgeous day, with lots of leaves on the ground and frost! I bet I'll have to scrape the windows outside and in on my car! Our first frost is so late. I still had dahlias and zinnias in bloom and green tomatoes out there. Well after today, I can do a whole new garden clean up! There will be some new casualties. And I can rake lots of leaves - they're late too. Don't tell anyone but I don't mind raking leaves. It's a great little chore that easily shows your progress and hard work. I just hate the one blister on my thumb from the rake, even when I wear gloves!

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