Saturday, October 28, 2006

Fish+mystery=Fishtery. Fishtery Solved

So I have this Siamese Fighting Fish also known as a Betta. He lives in a "Fish in Space" aquarium - a crazy tank with a space station at the bottom, planets on the back wall and a space ship coming out of the front of the tank. We call him Zig Zig Sputnik.

I bought him around February/March of this year. Anyway, he was a always a happy little dude, eating about 2-3 pellets immediately when they were dropped in his water. But then about a week ago, he became listless. He wasn't eating, he was hanging around the top corner of his tank and he seemed to be losing his vibrant red and becoming a grayish colour. I asked the gals at the pet store who said I should give him some Freeze Dried Blood Worms, so I bought a small container but that didn't seem to change things at all.

I was worried about the little guy. I always tried to do my best to take care of my pets. I had done water changes and also added fish medicine but that didn't help. So I searched the internet looking for some help. Well, I came across answers like 'tuberculosis'. Apparently they have no symptoms and there's no cure. Great, that's a tough one. Next, I saw 'depression'. Ok, he had all those symptoms, but I wasn't going to stop there. Then, I saw a reminder that mentioned that they will also act like this if they're too cold, they are tropical fish after all. Bingo! Let's try that.

So I placed his tank on a heating pad. After a while, I didn't think that working, so I sort of wrapped his tank with the pad. His water temperature did come up and guess what? The little guy started to swim around again, and then he even ate! He made 'happy bubbles'! Gadzukes! He was just cold! Man, I get grumpy and listless when I'm cold too!

But then came the realization that I was not going to pay $$$ for the heating pad electricity for a $3 fish. So I had to look of other options. I decided to just bring him into my office where I am many days of the week. That will give him stimulation, plus the room's reasonably warm. Well on Friday, the little guy made up for lost time and must have eaten 10 of the blood worms.

And they all lived happily ever after.

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