Wednesday, October 11, 2006

For all those magazine-a-holics out there, I picked up this book from the library:

It's an identification and value guide. It may sound boring, but it is quite interesting to review all the cover art from magazines as far back as the 1800's, and to see all the titles, and title changes. There is also a section on Paper Dolls, Illustrations and Advertisting.

An update - here is the status of one sleeve for my mom's piano sweater. The sleeve is going well and I look forward to each increase. The cuff is 2 knit in black, 2 purl in white. The whole sweater is Sugar 'n Cream Sport cotton.

After this WIP is finished, I think I'd like to power down and finish that Millennium Angel Cross Stitch. My goodness, it's almost 2007 and I'm still doing something from 2000? But it doesn't seem like 6 1/2 years have slipped by so fast. Where have they gone? And why so fast? What am I doing wrong? Is it just me?

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