Saturday, October 07, 2006

Thanksgiving Dinner

Well tonight was our Thanksgiving dinner- me, JP and the kid. We had a loverly pot roast from the butcher shop with gravy, scalloped potatoes with cheese, brussells sprouts, broccoli, stuffing and cheese sauce for the veggies. We had buns but no one ate them and so far the pie hasn't been touched either. The boys seem pretty full so that's a good thing. I cooked everything from scratch except the stuffing.

Tomorrow we'll take the kid home and so far, I don't know how we'll spend our Monday.

I still miss the turkey and cranberry sauce, that feels more traditional to me, but this makes a whole lot more sense since turkey leftovers seems to be tought to go through. I have no problem clearing out left over roast beef, or gravy that's for sure.

I'll be starting the neck for the back of the piano sweater soon, in fact I may be able to cast off tonight. And I may be able to start the sleeves this weekend. One sleeve is black and one is white so there is tiny bit of variety. I'm trying to make it a priority since it's getting cooler and I'm sure my mom will want to wear it this winter plus I'd like to start on other projects and don't want another WIP hanging over my head.

I'd like to do another dog sweater and some socks - maybe the toe-up kind.

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