Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Well day 3 for Daylight Savings Time, and someone barked at 5:00am! That's not a good thing. I'm just glad that JP also had to get up at that time, otherwise I'd be hearing about that for a few more hours. Anyway, I got up, let them out and went back to bed. I sure hope Jazz switches her little internal clock soon!

It's been -2 in the mornings, all frosty and chilly outside but our house is cold too. For the last 2 nights I've brought my Betta to sit on my night table hoping to keep him warm, during the day he goes to the office. I don't know if I can keep him warm all winter, maybe I'll wrap a gaiter around his tank at night. Am I going to have to do this until March?

And, I've only got 8 more rows left to knit for my mum's piano sweater, then you join a shoulder seam, knit the collar and sew her all up! I could have it in the mail by the weekend! Hang on mum, I'm almost there!

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