Wednesday, November 01, 2006

We survived!

Yay! We survived Halloween! Or rather, Jazz survived Halloween; not without doing damage to her crate first though:

I'm surprised she didn't loose another tooth pulling the metal like this!

She was freaking out because of the fireworks and it was only 5:30 when I gave her 1 Phenobarbital (Maxx's epilepsy medicine is a downer). Half an hour later I fed her dinner and gave her normal Prozac and 2 more Phenobarbitals. I also put my little ghetto blaster in the room and turned it up to mask some of the firecracker sounds. Within 1/2 an hour she was very mellow. Almost too mellow. I was afraid for her. I left the stereo on all night in case the kids were out late and she made it through the night. It's a tough choice, risk her health with a heart attack from being so stressed, or risk her health with sedatives?

The good news is we are all safe and happy this morning, she's back to her normal self and I hope the kids burned off the majority of their supplies so things can go smoothly at least until New Years! (the next time fireworks are abundant).

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