Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday, again...

"Monday again " sounds like something Eeyore would say. It's a rainy Monday, that's usually not good news in my job as it's weather dependent.

This weekend we went to the Abbotsford Collector Car Show at the Tradex. We were supposed to be there at 10:00 and then go for lunch with another couple. Well, I don't know which party messed it up, but the meet up didn't take place until about 1:00 and then at 2:00 the wife of the other couple says she must be home by 3:30 as she had to work that night. Since they live in Ladner, that meant they had to leave almost immediately, so no lunch with them. JP and I still went and enjoyed the very yummy blue chip nachos at Lou's Grill in Abbotsford. Yum!

Sunday I spent most of the day decluttering and then JP and I made a shepherd's pie from the leftover roast beef. I spent so much time going through papers and boxes that I didn't knit at all on Saturday or Sunday! In fact no crafting at all. However, JP and I did look at the Repro Depot website and bought some very cool vintage fabric. Can't wait for it to arrive.

It rained all day Sunday so I didn't mind being indoors; we haven't had rain here for so long, it seemed a bit odd to hear it. After being in the decluttering mood I am anxious to do more. But I bet I could go through bookshelves and cupboards, etc for 2 months straight if I made it a full time job ~ and we don't even have a big house, just lots of stuff.

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