Thursday, October 19, 2006

Made of felt Yoda is

JP's son is sick today, so he went to pick him up from daycare to bring him to our house. While he was gone I decided to make the kid a little Yoda to help him get better; he's a STAR WARS fan (although I suspect it's fading).

This Yoda is made out of felt, stuffed and blanket stitched with thread, I just added his face with a felt pen. I can't seem to get a good photo - it's raining today, so it's rather dark outside, if I don't use the flash it's too dark and if I do, there's too much of a shine. I didn't realize felt had such a shine to it.

In case you're wondering, "MJ" stand for Master Jedi.


After the boys came home, they didn't like the simplistic Yoda, so here's an "after" photo with his embelishment (including hair on the top of his head):

And, I guess The Kid's lost his interest in Star Wars and is into cars again thanks to a Need for Speed Xbox game . After all the requested alterations, he went looking for a box of Matchbox cars and his old track.

I guess that's what happens when kids are older and you only see them once every two weeks. And, I guess he's not that sick....

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