Monday, November 13, 2006

I finished knitting the yellow project, I'm just going to sew on some backing fabric - I just need to dig through my stash for something suitable, so I'll have to show you later.

Then I started on a really cute sweater for my favourite schnauzer. It's really cute and easy to knit because the coloured areas are added in duplicate stitch - that means I knit the whole thing and then embroider the pattern on top. My only fear is that I'm using stash yarn for the main colour and am very afraid I'll run out - but I'm taking the risk anyway!

My canary is still doing pretty good. He's still eating well and moving about and I was sure I heard him chirp yesterday - that would also be a very good thing. I'm going to dig out a smaller cage since he doesn't need the big one as he can no longer fly. It's better if he is on a table where I can watch and care for him regularly, so I think that'll work out well.

On Friday night we were in Abbotsford and drove by a new Japanese restaurant called Ken Japon - it was excellent in several ways. If I was a mystery diner (which I have been), this place would have scored top marks for decor, staff, service and food. Even the bathroom was clean and well cared for. I've been eating Japanese food for over 15 years, long before it became trendy, and let me tell you, this was one of the best places. I can't wait to return, yum!

On Saturday after the Remembrance Day ceremonies, I put on my rubber boots and grabbed the ladder to clean the gutters which had been spilling over in our heavy rains. About 5 minutes after I started JP came outside to help. He did an excellent job - he had sturdy rubber gloves (which I did not, and the water was cold) and he had a scraper (which I never thought of either), which super cleaned the gutters out. Then while he was finishing up, I had grabbed a rake to tidy some leaves and to clean up some of the dead plants in the garden. While I was looking after some of the dead potted plants, he had picked up the rake and before I knew it he had almost the whole yard raked up. What a good helper! I am so grateful that he helped because we were definitely done in 1/2 the time. It looks great out there and when it rained on Sunday, I could hear the water travelling easily down the gutter to the downspout. Yay! No more overflows into the house!

Amaryllis - Day 14 (7mm)

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