Thursday, November 16, 2006

Storm in Vancouver

Well yesterday I was supposed to take my s-i-l to a shop she goes to every year when she is in town for a medical conference. However, we had up to 100 km/h winds and trees falling down everywhere and power outages covering just about every major (and not so major) routes, that I told her we'd postpone it. I feel like a chump but I was sure that if I had continued, it would have taken me over three hours just to get to downtown Vancouver to pick her up but then another 2 to get to the shop! After driving for about an hour and not getting very far, I pulled over, made some phone calls and went home. It was so windy, the police were pulling over semi trucks and telling them to stay over; semis were taking refuge under overpasses. 200,000+ people were without power yesterday, but thankfully, not us!

What is a bummer is this. Since my car is older, I thought I'd be smart and book my car for some repairs and then get a courtesy car. That way I'd have a new car to drive all that distance and my s-i-l wouldn't have to sit in my old cold car. But phooey, the gods wouldn't have it. My car was ready within a few hours and then the storm caused us to postpone. So today, I will start the journey all over again, except with my silly old car! Unless I rent one. Dang, and here I thought I was being so smart. At least when I drive today, my car will have new brakes and new tires, and will have had a mechanical once over, so I am feeling a bit more optimistic.

I had also booked the day off work, but I've postponed that too. Let's hope everything goes well today!

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