Monday, November 27, 2006

Oh the weather out there is frightfull

YUCK! It's super windy this morning, and blew snow up the the screen door in my back yard so I could barely open it for the dogs. I went out there in my PJs and rubber boots to kick away the snow. Schools are closed, some people have power outages. It's minus 10 degrees celcius, more if you like to count wind chill.

Well I complained enough about the rain, so I won't complain about this. I'm just not going to go too far for the next day or so. The kid's school is closed today so he's staying home with his mom which means JP doesn't need to go anywhere today - however, tomorrow is the kid's 8th birthday so we'll have to trek out to Surrey for that. JP will get his snow tires but on before then. Too bad he didn't listen to his intuition as he made the comment last week about doing it soon.....

This weekend I finished 3 projects. A scarf, a dog coat and a dog blanket. All are Christmas gifts so I'll have to show photos later. Feeling lost as I don't have a project on the go. I'll probably start some Christmas ornaments.

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