Sunday, November 26, 2006

Woke up this morning...

Okay so I started out with a line from the Sopranos but it best described what happed when I did - 2" of snow! Small little flakes are still coming down. Good thing I don't have to commute for work or maybe a bad thing because I can't call in and say "Sorry, I can't come in, my car won't make it" And in Vancouver, that would be okay and everyone would just wait a day and then the snow would be gone.

I finished the scarf - glad I added the fringes. And I finished the dog sweater. Although I had trouble in the beginning with the Duplicate Stitch. And like other experiences with knitting and crochet. One day I just can't get it and one day I can. So at the end of the sweater I embroidered on two more spots and the duplicate stitch was perfect - I got it! So then I went back and tried to correct the previous spots which I have no idea how I screwed up.

Then after enjoying the happiness of another completed project, I picked up the amethyst boucle mitten I had started to go with a hat and gaitor for my mom, but then I recalled a previous conversation about a week earlier where she proclaimed "I don't wear mittens, only unlined leather gloves". So I ripped out the mittens and am now making something else with the boucle.

There was a patchwork dog throw I think I'll start, plus I really should get back to my mom's embroidery and finish those projects. Plus soon I'll have to start putting some new Christmas ornaments together, especially now that we have a full size tree.

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