Thursday, December 14, 2006

Chapters vs

The other day we were in Chapters and found a book we liked. It was $54 but the cover was significantly damaged. I being an fan, suggested JP wait and we'd get the book from them. So while in the Chapters store, he pulled up the website on his Blackberry and found the book was $35. He then went to a clerk in the store and asked if he could get a reduction in price because of the damage. The clerk said his maximum was 10%. So we put the book back. When we got home we processed the order. No PST, no shipping and it was less money - why would I buy from Chapters?

I was a bit concerned that since I couldn't pick the book myself that the version could have a damaged cover as well. But we took the risk. And it was worth it.

The book arrived in perfect condition, never been opened. And it arrived within 4 days of the order (even though had warned us it would take longer to arrive). In fact, thanks to Canada Post, it was was delivered on a Sunday. A Sunday!

How long do you think Chapters can afford to stay in business? I hope the Starbucks in the store pays lots of rent......


Anonymous said...

i *heart* they so kick chapter's butt!

My Little Corner said...

They sure do. Now I just use them like a library - look through the book, see all the pages and then order from Amazon. I love Amazon too.