Saturday, December 09, 2006

She always gets her (Leather)man

Well here's the story - last Wednesday, in our big snowfall, JP got his car stuck backing into our driveway. We were going to leave the car where it was but when he got in the house and began to empty his pockets his Leatherman was missing. He was really pissed, it's about $150! So we dug around outside in the snow, and eventually got him unstuck so he could go to the last two places to search and leave his card in case someone found it. But nothing.

Everyday, I'd go out to the end of the driveway, twice a day and look. He's a Gemini and so was my brother and they always seem to be lucky, so I asked St. Anthony and hoped that it would turn up. The other problem was that I had shoveled the driveway so even if it had fallen straight down in the snow, I may have tossed it farther with my snow shovel.

Well by now the snow has been disappearing rapidly. I did a check this morning and nothing. But then around mid-day I had let the dogs out and noticed it started to rain so I figured I'd better check again because the snow was melting fast and damn it if some paperboy was going to snatch it up in our driveway. And guess what? I found it! Only about 2 cm was sticking out of the snow but I found it! Yay!

Of course, he already bought a replacement.

It was a bit rusty and he spent a good hour cleaning it but he's got it back. How great is that?

So like the mounties who always get their man, I always get my Leatherman!


Anonymous said...

did you get a homatoma?

My Little Corner said...

Not yet, that's today's story. Sheesh, don't read ahead.