Friday, December 08, 2006

Mr. C - update

It's been 5 weeks since Mr. C had a 'stroke' or something(?). Here's how he looks today. He doesn't always have his head upside down, but it's tough to get a photo of him in the cage, and out of the cage he looks a bit garbled:


CanarySanctuary said...

He certainly is cute! I like his colours. Where did you get him? If he's eating so well and even pecking at you, I'm sure he's recovered. His feathers also look alright - my guy who was sick didn't preen for a day or two and he looked so ragged!

My Little Corner said...

My parents were canary breeders, my father picked him for me because he was a great singer. Yes, everything's normal except he doesn't sing, can't fly, is blind in one eye and has some balance issues. I need to give him a bath because he spends time on the floor, but I change his papertowel daily. So sorry to hear about your birdie. The sad thing is often when they start to show signs of illness, they go so fast. It's such a shame.

Crissy said...

Oh, how sad! :(
The poor little fella.

I had a cockatiel a few years ago, he was such a little character. I honestly didn't know that birds could have such personalities. I have a new-found (okay, a few years old now) respect for the little critters since having my cockatiel Barney.

Poor Mr. C! He's lucky to have you though. :)


My Little Corner said...

Thanks Crissy - yes, it's absolutely amazing how much personality pets have. At the risk of sounding crazy.... even some fish!