Saturday, December 23, 2006

Two days until Christmas!

Well my mom said that one of the parcels I sent to her "fell on the ground and split open" so she finished opening it. In it was the Dogosaurus sweater, which JP named Terriersaurus Rex (because my mom's dog is a Schnauzer).
I won't be at my own computer for a few days, but here's a link to a photo on Craftser.

I'm all set for presents. Just need to deliver two. I'll do some cookies today and other cooking I suppose, and then we wait for Monday morning.

I'm currently knitting a dog sweater from a library book, but it just may be too small. That's the problem - my dogs are larger, in fact all the dogs I've been around are 50 pounders+ and so I just can't seem to grasp the schnauzer sizing - I keep making things too small or short because the chest size my mom gave me is the same for a large dog.. oh I don't know how I've messed things up....

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