Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Is anyone good at helping? Or is it just me? Maybe I'm not good at asking for help. I don't ask for help often. But I've always been a helper. Whenever I help others I try to give as much information. I try to be patient and understand that they don't know. I wait. I ask them if there is more. I make sure everything is going smoothly before I walk away. I make myself available for them to call me if they get stuck. Maybe I 'over help'.

But when it's my turn to ask for help I get one word answers like "yep". Or "go there and try that" - they don't stay with me to see if it works. I get criticized for 'not thinking it through" Of course I'm not thinking it through, I'm asking for help, it's something I don't know how to do.

Do you ever feel that you give lots to others, but just don't get it back? Should I give less of myself? Am I expecting others to be too much like me when it comes to helping?


Anonymous said...

sssssoo, the comuter repair guy commutes to you? Jesus- do I ever have a fever. Thanks for the chicken noodle soup. Who'da thunk I would be enjoying friggin rosehip tea?


My Little Corner said...

Thanks Anonymous - typo has been fixed. You're funny. Glad you're feeling better and that you liked the tea.

UnderThere said...

Or maybe you are such a self sufficient girl you aren't great at being a "helpee"? Maybe, by the time you ask for help you don't want help you want someone to just do it for you? "go there and try that" or "let's think it through" are standard for when I'm helping someone. It gives me a real feeling for whether they want help and are trying to solve the problem or whether they are actually looking for someone to just do it for them.